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Djindjic announces demonstrations in Belgrade in August

The opposition Alliance for Change plans to top off its series of anti-Milosevic protests in progress throughout Serbia with a massive rally in Belgrade, Democratic Party president Zoran Djindjic said on July 9.

"Our intention is to organize within the next 15 to 20 days protests in the 15 to 20 largest cities in Serbia. Our goal is to see daily protests in all of Serbia, and by mid August we will be able to organize the largest rally of them all in Belgrade. Those will be the final days of our fight against the government," Djindjic said in an interview with Reuters.

He said the protest in Belgrade "will mark the start of a general strike," which, though not a total work stoppage, will "focus on getting people out on the streets for two or three hours each day to demand that Mr. Milosevic resign."

Source: Beta Press

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