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Statement of CPWC

(From: "Sevdie Ahmeti" sevdie.a@EUnet.yu)
Fri, 8 Jan 1999

Statement on the grave situation in Kosova

Heavy Serb police forces and Yugoslav army backed up by scores of tanks and other artillery devices restarted their offensive against several sites in Kosova. From Podujeva area tails of internally displaced people restarted. One bus loaded with women and children crying for help stopped in front of the Centre for Protection of Women and Children. Among them, there were disabled women that could hardly walk; not even those capable were at a stage of either talk or walk. Women and children were coming from Lupc village in grave fear for their relatives who remained at the spot of the attacks.

War threats and scores of attacks are still not being recognized as a serious problem to the region and wider. We call upon the international community to recognize the problem of Kosova and listen to us. Partial and slow reactions are not anymore important.

If security of Europe depends on the loss of our civil and human rights, due to the alert situation, then we are condemned to die. Our children must be evacuated before this begins.

Centre for Protection of Women and Children

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