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Alliance for Change becomes electoral coalition

Leaders of the opposition block Alliance for Change (Socialdemocracy excluded) agreed to become an electoral coalition, said Vladan Batic, coordinator of Alliance for Change. The opposition insists that early elections on all levels be held by the end of the year based on a system of proportional representation. On October 18, he stressed that the Alliance will not take part in any elections unless the regime introduces the electoral reforms that the opposition demands. Zoran Djindjic, head of the Democratic Party noted that the coalition parties will constitute a joint group of deputies in the parliament after the elections. Socialdemocracy leader Vuk Obradovic said that his party will remain in the Alliance but will not join the electoral coalition lest the Socialdemocrats lose their identity.

Municipal officials, members of all opposition parties, will gather in Belgrade on October 28, and form a provisional transitional parliament and government, if the Serbian Parliament does not want to schedule elections on all levels, announced Aleksandar Krstic, official of the Democratic Party in Nis.

Source: Free Serbia

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