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Serbian Orthodox Church demands Milosevic's resignation

The influential Serbian Orthodox Church today demanded that Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic resign. The Holy Synod, the church's highest body, insisted that the ouster of Milosevic and his government was "in the interest of the people and their salvation." "Every sensible person has to realize that numerous internal problems and the isolation of our country on the international scene, cannot be solved or overcome with this kind of government and under the present circumstances," the statement said.

Many of the church's holiest sites are in Kosovo and the church is concerned that the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the province, and the accompanying exodus of Serbs, will leave the sites unprotected from vandalism by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians. The church called for immediate protection of Serb Orthodox shrines and monasteries throughout Kosovo, including the ancient seat of the Serb Church in the town of Pec in western Kosovo.

Source: Free Serbia

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