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B92 marathon broadcast online

Almost three months after the shutdown of B92 by the Yugoslav authorities, the presently only online-existing radio station organised a 24-hours' marathon with the purpose to return into the air.

For ten years, Radio B92 had been broadcasting in Belgrade and surroundings when the authorities terminated the station's license on 21st March of this year. The radio makers were forced to broadcast via the Internet exclusively, aided in this by Dutch provider XS4all. The Amsterdam-based provider had been broadcasting B92's programmes for three years already on the net.

The Ned Aid 2 festival that was organised on 15th June was meant to bring musicians, DJ's, individuals, radio stations en projects together on the Internet in a protest against violence and oppression.

On B92's support site the public is asked for donations for the solidarity fund that supprots journalists in regions like the former Yugoslavia. The eventual aim is to bring stations like B92 back into the air.

During NetAid2, which started at midnight, contributions from all over the world were broadcast live. There were 'streams and sounds' from Finland, Tibet, Amsterdam, California, Serbia, Montenegro, London, Chzechia, Vienna, Hungary, Vancouver and Australia.

B92 already has a NetAid3 scheduled for 15th July coming up. Every 15th of the month, there will be some kind of activity on B92's site to underline its aims.

(Translation: Heleen Ransijn)

Source: WebWereld

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