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Attack on the Democratic party Headquarters

Democratic party Information Committee, Public Announcement
19th May 1999

This morning around 10:50, organized by JUL (the party of Mira Markovic - wife of Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic) began the assault on the headquaters of the Democratic party in Belgrade. The attack started as a group of thugs, wearing black leather jackets emerged from their BMW's and Mercedeses and started to throw stones and eggs on the Democratic party's headquaters building.

Several minutes later a group of around 50 JUL activists, whose arrival was organized, emerged from a bus. The assault ended by noon, when several hundred members and activists of the Democratic party arrived. Only then the police dispersed the JUL activists.

The Democratic party feels that today's assault is the introduction to an attempt to start a civil war in Yugoslavia. The Democratic party believes that Milosevic is getting ready to forcefully ensure his power in Serbia, once he withdraws his troops from Kosovo.

Democratic Party Information Committee

Source: Free Serbia

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