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Serbs from Orahovac protest against the arrest of war crimes suspects

Serbian population from Orahovac sent a letter to UN Mission in Kosovo and KFOR, demanding release of four Serbs, arrested on Friday, or "all remaining Serbs will leave Orahovac," Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church "Pravoslavlje Press" reported on Saturday. The report said that German soldiers reacted on the allegation made by Albanians, and arrested Andjelko Kolasinac, former Mayor of Orahovac, Dr. Vekoslav Simic, Dejan Micic and Stanko Levic. "Albanians accused four Serbs for their role in the fight with Albanian terrorists during NATO attack on Yugoslavia, what they see as a war crime. KFOR plans to extradite these four Serbs to The Hague," the report said. International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, earlier announced that it did not issued the demand for the arrest. "Pravoslavlje Press" also reminds that KFOR did not disarmed the KLA, nor other Albanian terrorists groups in Kosovo and Metohija, and that they are still killing Serbs and other non-Albanian population in the province, kidnapping them, looting and burning their homes.

KFOR spokesman in Kosovo, Major Roland Lavoie of Canada, said for Radio B2-92 that "the arrest of Serbs from Orahovac was planned" and specified that KFOR arrested three, not four Serbs, "for possible involvement in serious crimes." Major Lavoie emphasized that UN Mission in Kosovo, which has jurisdiction in this case, issued the arrest warrant.

Source: Free Serbia

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