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Anti-Milosevic activists arrested

NOVI SAD, NIS, BELGRADE, Wednesday (B2 92) -- Activists from the student resistance organisation Otpor were rounded up for police interrogations in Novi Sad this morning after local police last night confiscated about 3,000 posters for a concert entitled "A Fist to the Head". One of the four pulled in for an "informative discussion", Ivan Milivojev, told B2 92 that the police had sought details of the concert scheduled for October 16 in Novi Sad, jointly organised by Otpor and B2 92. Novi Sad police have still not given approval for the concert.

Another Otpor activist in the southern city of Nis, Aleksandar Visnjic, was questioned at the city police station about a protest by local students and academics. Visnjic told B2 92 that he had been threatened with criminal charges unless he abandoned a protest entitle Tour d'Otpor scheduled for tomorrow. He added that despite the threats, Otpor would go ahead with a bicycle protest on central Nis streets.

A group of young men in Zemun, near Belgrade, today assaulted two Democratic Party activists who were distributing promotional material for the Alliance for Change opposition coalition.

Source: B92

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