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ANEM statement on the shutting-down of independent media

Association of Independent Broadcasting Media (ANEM) accused Federal Ministry of Telecommunications for attempts of shutting down all remaining members of the Association, by sending the warnings for payment of the enormous rents for the frequencies.

"One of the ANEM members, RTV Devic from Smederevska Palanka, have already been closed, with the explanation that it haven't paid the requested rent. The same will happened with all other members of the Association, that managed to stay on the air, despite of war, because, they simple haven't got enough money to pay such rents" ANEM President Veran Matic stated on Friday.

After the Federal Inspector for Telecommunications and dozen policemen banned the "TV Soko" from Soko Banja, this independent television station resumed its broadcast with the reserve equipment. Program has been broadcasted whole day, and the editors of TV Soko and the Local Board of Democratic Party started the petition with two demands. The first to the FRY President Slobodan Milosevic, to provide the unobstructed broadcasting for this station, in accord with his asserts that we live in "the most democratic and most liberal" society. And the second to the Police Department of Soko Banja, to stop participating in the extortion of the property of the Soko Banja's citizens, since the "TV Soko" is owed by Municipality of Soko Banja.

Source: Free Serbia

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