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Beste duurzame mensen,

(-; hierbij een waarschuwing voor diegenen onder u die mogelijk zouden 
willen protesteren tegen ongebreidelde economische groei, liberalisering of 
privatisering.  U bent gewaarschuwd: keer terug naar uw TV en vermaak
uzelf op een veilige manier....

Micha Kuiper

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Zojuist binnen van een Indiase collega:
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Did you get my earlier mail. I thought this may be of interest to you.

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Fwd: [HelpAsia] [Fwd]Public Statement from Jailed IMF/World Bank
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>Subject: [Fwd]Public Statement from Jailed IMF/World Bank Protestors
>26 April 2000
>	::
>Subject: ZNet Free Update -- Statement from demonstrators inside the
>DC Jails 

>Public Statement from
>Jailed IMF/World Bank Protestors
>Contact Information:  Ben Hale: 631-331-5915; bhale@ic.sunysb.edu
>(New York) William Slattery: 619-867-6000; jdoty2@san.rr.com (San
>Diego)  Gabriel Freeman: 360-866-2120; gabriel_freeman@yahoo.com
>The following statement was written by 70 of the male protestors 
>arrested during the IMF protests and incarcerated for the past week.
>The writers consolidated ideas, suggestions, and editorial comments
>for the letter by passing suggestions between bars, from cell to
>We, the male prisoners arrested in Washington, D.C. during the week
>of the A16 demonstrations against the IMF/ World Bank (April 16-22,
>2000), wish to express our solidarity with our fellow inmates, as
>well as with prisoners around the world who die and are tortured
>daily, often simply because they ask to be treated fairly, equally,
>and justly.
>Second, we wish to express our sincere thanks to the many supporters
>who stayed outside the jail in solidarity with us, and to those many
>who sent e-mails, wrote letters, and made phone calls on our behalf.
>Also, we would like to thank the elected officials and members of
>congress who supported us.
>We wish to express our deepest thanks to the noble and tireless
>efforts of the volunteers with the Midnight Special Law Collective
>and the National Lawyers Guild.
>Most of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our
>sisters in the adjacent cell block, whose powerful spirits and
>attitudes kept us strong during the past week.Collectively, this
>supportive response stands as testament to a growing worldwide
>community of resistance to unjust economic globalization and to the
>increasing corporate control over our daily lives.
>Over the past five days we have been shuttled through the
>D.C./Federal judicial system. Despite the relatively trivial charges
>that most of us received (˘crossing a police line÷, ˘parading without
>a permit÷, or ˘incommoding÷) and our shared decision to remain silent
>when asked to identify ourselves, we were subjected to a series of
>˘divide and conquer÷ tactics, both psychological and physical. We
>were denied contact with our lawyers for consecutive periods of more
>than 30 hours at a time; left handcuffed and shackled for up to eight
>hours; moved up to 10 times from holding cell to holding cell. Many
>of us were denied food for more than 30 hours and denied water for up
>to 10 hours at a time. Though many of us were soaking wet after
>MondayĂs protest, we were refused dry clothing, and left shackled and
>shivering on very cold floors. For no apparent reason, some of us
>were physically attacked by U.S. Marshals; we were forcefully thrown
>up against the wall, pepper sprayed directly in the face, or thrown
>on the floor and beaten. At least two individuals were forced against
>the wall by their necks in strangulation holds, with threats of
>further violence. This sort of violence was perpetrated against at
>least two juveniles in order to separate them from the larger group.
>The U.S. Marshals told us that we would be going to D.C. Jail, where
>we would be raped, beaten, and given AIDS or murdered by ˘faggots÷
>and ˘niggers÷. Chief Judge Eugene Hamilton, in a shocking violation
>of legal ethics, appointed public attorneys for each member of our
>group and ordered them to post our bonds while we were still in the
>D.C. Jail, expressly against our wishes and best interests. In fact,
>though we asked repeatedly for our own lawyers, we were assigned
>public defenders who consistently acted in the interests of the
>prosecution.All of this came after the excessive violence used
>against peaceful demonstrators in the streets of Washington.
>(Violence perpetrated by police included running people over with
>police motorcycles, clubbing, beating, pepper spraying, tear gassing,
>trampling with horses, and systematically fabricating scenarios to
>legitimize police actions in the eyes of the public.)
>After our arrests last week, many of us chose to remain anonymous to
>protest these abuses. We chose to show solidarity with our fellow
>protestors who were unjustly charged with felonies and misdemeanors
>in the act of non-violent civil disobedience against the IMF and the
>World Bank. It is clear to us that the District of Columbia and the
>Federal Government, by trumping up charges, by arresting frivolously,
>and by keeping us in jail for a week, had much less of a problem with
>our alleged infractions than with the fact that we spoke our minds
>and faced up to their brutality and threats.Simply put, our jail time
>was not about our trivial charges, but instead about our peaceful,
>nonviolent, and successful exercise of our constitutionally protected
>rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Despite efforts
>by prison officials to alienate us from the resident inmate
>population, we continue to feel a great sense of community and
>solidarity with them.
>Unlike the ˘brutal monsters÷ that the racist, homophobic U.S.
>Marshals described to us in offensive and threatening detail, we
>found our fellow inmates to be intelligent, caring, and passionately
>concerned about injustice inflicted on all members of our society by
>governments, as well as injustice perpetrated by U.S. based
>corporations, around the globe. Many were informed about the severe
>injustices caused by IMF/World Bank programs which have forced
>hardships on the majority of the worldĂs people. Together we
>discussed how life in a D.C. prison resembles the life of residents
>in the third world. In the same way that corporate investors profit
>from the sustained poverty of poorer countries (poverty sustained in
>part through the loans and polices of IMF/World Bank), so too do many
>investors profit from the sustained incarceration of U.S. citizens as
>prisons in the U.S. become privatized.
>The increasing privatization of prisons creates perverse incentives
>for prisons to incarcerate citizens in a system that benefits from
>what can only be called ˘slave labor.÷ We believe that the increasing
>injustices of the prison system and of the IMF/World Bank are fueled
>by the same naked greed. Racism, homophobia, sexism, global and local
>environmental devastation, the ongoing campaign to criminalize basic
>labor organizing tools, and many other forms of oppression are merely
>symptoms of a system that places profits above all other values.
>We believe that love, compassion, liberty, and basic human and 
>rights should be the driving forces in our society. We are determined
>to help create a world in which these values are stronger than
>selfishness. Our movement is a small part of a worldwide brotherhood
>and sisterhood joining in solidarity with all the impoverished,
>oppressed, and progressive people of earth. For us, breaking the law
>is not a frivolous gesture, but rather a last-resort means of
>exposing the immense powers that we all face when we attempt to
>create real, ethical change.
>We continue to draw inspiration from the civil rights, anti-nuclear,
>anti-war, environmental justice, labor rights, and anti-oppression
>movements. Who are we? We are your sons and daughters, your sisters
>and brothers, your fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers.
>We are your co-workers, your fellow parishioners and rabbis, your
>healers, your teachers, and your students. We will continue to risk
>arrest, and if necessary resist with our very lives, until we expose
>this world as one in which profits come before people, so that a more
>just, humane, and free global society may take its place.

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Vriendelijke groeten van Trix
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zijn de realisten van morgen,
Joost Tinbergen
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