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[Duurzaamlijst] lokale voetafdruk in Europa

De Lokale voetafdruk gaat Europa door:

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European Commission programmes & Funding Opportunities

European Commission: Common Indicators for Local Sustainability The European
Commission, together with the European Environment Agency, are facilitating the
development by the local level of a monitoring tool based on common indicators
for local sustainability linked to ecological footprinting. This monitoring
tool will be put forward for formal adoption on a voluntary basis by European
local authorities at the 3rd European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns
in Hannover.

The project is of relevance to all local authorities that are working towards
sustainability. It will provide local authorities with: A practical tool with
which to measure impacts of urban activities & monitor progress on Local Agenda
21 An understanding of the performance of their policies in terms of
quantitative & qualitative outcomes on the ground (focusing on change over time
rather that absolute figures)

The project will also complement a number of activities such as: 
- Allowing for the identification of good practice 
- Providing an evaluation tool serving initiatives such as the European
Sustainable City Award Scheme & the Database on Good Practice in Urban
Management and Sustainability.

A working group with experts from local, regional & national administrations
has been set up under the Expert Group on the Urban Environment to take this
activity forward. The working group will work closely with a group of Local
Authorities, currently being set up to enable the local level to play an active
role in the identification of the indicators. 

Latest details of this activity can be found on "Campaign Inter-Active"
http://www.sustainable-cities.org  Should you want to know more or be actively
involved please contact + DGXI.D.3 Susann Pauli: e-mail:
Susann.Pauli@dg11.cec.be F: +32-2-296 9554
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