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[Duurzaamlijst] (Fwd) Work It Out announcement

Live TV show over de Klimaat (vervolg)Conferentie deze zomer in Bonn (COP 
6.5), uitgezonden vanuit Den Haag, plus feestje.
Kom ook of kijk mee op Internet.

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Date sent:      	Wed, 7 Feb 2001 22:09:26 +0100
From:           	"rainheart" <rainheart@ziplip.com>
Subject:        	Work It Out announcement

Mark your calendar for
February 23, 2001
20:00 GET sharp

WORK IT OUT ! is doing a series of internet broadcast about COP 6.5 that
take place in Bonn (Germany) this summer.

>From Den Hague a global interactive show gives info on climate change and 
the conference plus actions that are taking place.  

Everyone is invited to participate, there will be live music, fun, etc.
(Beer too if we find a sponsor ;)

contact and support goes via (also the link for the broadcast) 

We need people that want to tell something about climate change, actions 
and lobby groups, bands that want to play, getting people to watch and a 
bit of money for expenses.  

We also keeping an update on actions and infos on different lobby groups,
so send your info to smell@hetnet.nl 

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