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[Duurzaamlijst] update in engels...

Hallo, hierbij weer de dagelijkse update. Ditmaal in engels... sorry ben een beetje moe en sta er vandaag alleen voor...

Update 14 Nov. 2000

As the second day of the climate conference did not have to face up any serious actions, the rising tide coalition has broadened its basis for further development. A climate justice public information point will open its doors tomorrow, the action squat at the Rembrandtstraat no 70 is developing into a real utopian ideal and small-scale direct actions are starting off. 

The Public Info Point on Climate Change is opening its doors for general public tomorrow. It is based at the houtzagerssingel 45 in Den Haag. A banner drop at 13.00 pm saying ‘kritisch infopoint klimaattop’ will be opening the public info point. We will be welcoming people from 9am till 6pm with a nice cup of tea and inform them about facts around climate change, sleeping places for if they would like to do something about that and general information about rising tide.

The New Building, the Black Lagoon, the Bia Beach, the Wild West, the Free place, or simply Rembrandtstraat is developing into an enjoyable meeting place for activists. Facilities are getting better and people are preparing skipped food in a sumptuous kitchen. 

Rumours go round about weird actions as a flag-pulling-down-posse pulling down flags around the conference centre as well as an action group sticking anti-nukes posters and stickers around hotels and embassies and a lobbyist cocktail party that was not being disturbed. Thankfully there is no sticker/banner/poster detector as for metal, otherwise the walls, flushes and doors of toilets would not be stickered as much as now. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 15th November there will be a performance by the artist ByungSoo Choi with Korea Ecological Youth (KEY) from Korea. As an artist Choi felt responsibility and sympathy for the destroyed nature. As from 11am he will exhibit a big painting filled with black CO2 smoke in front of the conference center. He will make a small penguin ice sculpture, which in these days hopefully will melt. The ice represents a contrast between huge monstrous human industry and a small innocent creature.

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